Sunday, December 6, 2020


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 2020


‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land

Nothing was stirring; no events were planned.

There was almost no toilet paper to share

With all the stockpiling, the store shelves were bare.


The children were all restless in their beds

Thoughts of Corona Virus raged in their heads.

A newspaper was spread out in my lap

Indicating cases all over the map.


On the TV there rose such a clatter

A crowd was shouting “black lives matter.

Government spending seemed quite rash

How could they dish out so much cash?


Christmas lights danced on the new-fallen snow.

But there were few people out to watch the show.

When what to my weary eyes did appear

It was announced that a vaccine was near!


But there on the TV looking so plump

What did I see again but Donald Trump?

He was saying again that it was all a scam.

The election was an out and out sham.


 Krebs said the election was the most secure.

This was more than Donald Trump could endure.

He was sure that this man had to be fired.

How could he say this is what transpired?


With a great flourish the lawsuits did fly,

But one by one the judges said, “Nice try.”

It did not matter how many Trump lost.

Trump found a way to cover the cost.


With a abundance of tweets on Twitter

He could raise money from those who were bitter.

The money came in by leaps and bounds

No matter how foolish all these tweets sound.


Donald Trump could play golf every day.

No matter what the news people did say.

Day after day new records were set.

He still downplayed the Corona Virus threat.


How many people he’s fired I cannot say.

The count continues to grow day after day.

I wonder if when all the lawsuits are done

If he will still continue to say, “I won.”


Even as Donald continues to dream

Biden is building a transition team.

The senator race is still on in Georgia

Do we really need any more drama?


Trump’upset angry when I see him in spite of myself.

The rants and the rages that come out of his head,

Tell me that maybe we still have lots to dread.


I wish he’d speak not a word but go straight to work

And deal with the virus and not be a jerk.

But each day it seems the crazier he grows

Yet the money he raises continues to grow.


Yet Biden and Harris spring to the task.

And urge all Americans to put on a mask.

Now when it seems the vaccine is in sight,












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