Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Poem 2011

Narnia was always winter without Christmas.
That is something I wish would never come to pass.
Our winters are long and cold enough as it is.
Without Christmas many things would be quite amiss.

I'm sure shopping for presents can be quite a chore.
And stores playing all the same songs can be a bore.
But we bought most of our gifts on the internet.
Avoiding all those crowded malls was a good bet.

But the best thing about Christmas is not the presents.
Sometimes the gifts people give don't even make sense.
Christmas can be a time of family traditions.
But that sometimes depends on the weather conditions.

Two Christmases ago we received a wonderful gift.
Our spirits were given a tremendous lift.
Julia our third granddaughter was born that day.
What she has meant to us is more than I can say.

Now our beloved daughter has given us great news.
Thoughts about another grandchild can chase winter blues.
Now thanks to the amazing science of ultrasound,
We have seen the gift that makes our hearts with joy abound.

We know that the baby is supposed to come in May,
But whether it's a boy or girl only God can say.
However, it is a healthy child for which we pray.
We can eagerly look forward to the day.

But Christmas is really about another Child.
This child was seen by many to be meek and mild,
But in the temple one time he acted quite wild.
He must have gotten all the money changers riled.

Jesus came to be the greatest news of all time.
He was born to die for the sins of all mankind.
God came to earth as a tiny helpless little boy.
And angels were sent to proclaim news of great joy.