Thursday, December 19, 2019


Lord, for all my life I have tried to follow You,
You know how hard I have tried to remain true.
I don’t know why this promise You’ve given to me
That Israel’s consolation I will see.

I feel the guidance of Your Holy Spirit.
For some reason going to Your Temple seems fit.
I see a couple bringing with them two doves,
And carrying a tiny baby that they love.

Wait! This is surely no ordinary baby.
He is the Savior that you have promised me.
I simply can’t wait to hold Him in my arms.
I hope His mother and father are not alarmed.

Thank you, You may now dismiss your servant in peace.
My waiting for Your blessed promise can now cease.
With my own eyes I have seen Your salvation.
This tiny baby will bring light to the nations.

“Young woman, even though your baby seems small,
Through Him, many in Israel will rise and fall.
The inner thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.
Their true feelings will no longer be concealed.

Our nation’s salvation will come at a great cost.
You personally will suffer a terrible loss.
I know a sword will pierce you to your very soul,
So that others in this world can be made whole.”


It’s so easy to lose the wonder of Christmas,
Even though the story is full of strangeness.
A peasant girl is visited by an angel.
Gabriel’s greeting to her leaves her baffled.
Why would an ordinary girl be highly favored?
The whole idea of it seems so absurd.

Who ever heard of a virgin giving birth?
How could a tiny baby bring peace on earth?
A dream causes Joseph to take Mary as his wife,
When his mind was filled with great trouble and strife.
Why would the King of kings be laid in a manger?
Can you think of a story that’s any stranger?

An angel visits some humble shepherds one night.
The glory of the Lord around them brings much fright.
The message that angel brings is one of great joy.
In Bethlehem’s manger they will find a boy.
A great host of angels shout praises to God.
An angel bringing such news to shepherds seems odd.

Mary sees all these things and ponders them in her heart.
Of all the wonders we know only a part.
Magi travel many miles following a star.
Why would some kind of star make them travel so far?
Why would they bring with them such rich presents?
Mary and Joseph seemed to be simple peasants.

Simeon knows he will see the Messiah.
He sees a baby and cries out Hallelujah.
He knows that this small child is the world’s salvation.
Jesus has come to bring peace to the nations.
An old woman named Anna also sees this child
And the joy that He brings causes her to smile.