Sunday, November 12, 2017


Out of the depths of His infinite love,
Jesus was sent from the Father above.
One day the Holy Spirit came like a dove,
And the Father said, “This is the Son I love.”

While we were sinners, Jesus laid down his life.
The Prince of Peace was destined to suffer strife.
In the midst of His trials He promised us peace,
And that one day all of our troubles would cease.

The peace that He promised begins in our heart.
And the forgiveness of our sins is the start.
Those who are forgiven must also forgive.
Carrying grudges is no way to live.

He died to make us sisters and brothers,
And He taught us to love one another.
So why put on mask in front of each other?
Let us be honest with one another.

He calls us to live with devotion and zeal.
Our love for Him and each other must be real.
It must not be an act we are playing.
And no matter what we must keep praying.

We owe each other honour and respect.
That is exactly what Jesus would expect .
With one another we must grieve and mourn.
That is one reason that Jesus was born.

We need to be reminded of the great story,
That Jesus came to lead us to glory.
Our pain will be nothing to worry about,
When Jesus, our Savior, returns with a shout.