Thursday, December 24, 2015


It does not make sense that God would act this way.
Why send his Son to lie on a manger of hay?
Why would the Holy One be so defiled?
Why would the Creator come as a helpless child?

Why would God send his angel and give such a sight,
To humble shepherds watching their flocks at night?
We often judge people by the company they keep.
Jesus’ first visitors would be smelling of sheep.

Jesus’ own people paid him no honor that day.
But some wise men came from very far away.
Will our thoughts dwell on his birth this Christmas day?
It was the price of our sins he came to pay.

This year, in our times of rushing to and fro,
May it be our love for Jesus that we show.
This years, when we are filling our  shopping carts,
May our faces reflect the joy in our hearts.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Father, we thank you we have been set free.
For it is your Son who has set us free.  
He has shown us the truth and now we’re free.
We were slaves to sin, but now we are free.

We give thanks for our land full of freedoms,
While others live in oppressive kingdoms.
We can vote in this coming election,
While many others have no selection.

We are free to worship as we choose,
While others fear that their lives they would lose.
We give thanks that we’re free to gather here,

We pray that to our brothers you’d draw near.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Malcolm, now you are three years old.
You have become more precious than gold.
We love to watch your life unfold,
As you give us blessings untold.

Because you have won our favour,
We will teach you about your Saviour,
In your good and bad behaviour,
Our love for you will not waver.

You are part of our family.
Even though sometimes we are silly,
We hope that you will see it clearly,
That we love each other dearly.


Will I ever really know the reason why,
God chose to send his own Son to die?
Did he have to make this sacrifice?
To save us, would some other plan suffice?

It was my sin that nailed Jesus to the cross.
It was for me he suffered pain and loss.
On this holy day, I would like to say,
I have a debt I can never repay.