Sunday, March 27, 2016

            EASTER SUNDAY 2016

It is distressing to catch the news these days.
Listen to what the authorities say.
They unanimously call it genocide.
They say that too many Christians have died.
Why have so many Christians willingly died,
For siding with One who was crucified?

The blood of the martyrs cries out from the ground,
They are proclaiming a faith that they have found.
Their bodies are piling up in a mound.
Christians are persecuted all the world around.
 Do they really believe they are heaven bound?
As they fall to their deaths, does it make a sound?

As parents we think that it is quite neat
To watch our children searching for treats.
How could Easter eggs and bunnies be beat?
But there is something else I need to repeat.
ISIL forces we are trying to defeat.
Think about that as you eat your Easter treats.

Is the Easter story just something we read?
Do we really believe Christ rose from the dead?
Do we really believe the things that he said?
Does this belief fill our hearts and our heads?
If Jesus our Savior is no longer dead,
Then we know there is nothing for us to dread.