Saturday, April 4, 2020


In Nazareth they loved the scripture He read.
But they clearly rejected the things He said.
His own brothers thought that He was out of His head.
But they changed their minds when He rose from the dead.

The crowds loved Him when five thousand men He fed.
But they would not listen when He spoke of living bread.
They grumbled at His words and then they all fled.
It’s too bad they weren’t around when He rose from the dead.

What an uproar when into the temple He tread!
His actions made the Sadducees want His head.
He was popular so they had to plan ahead.
Imagine their shock when He rose from the dead.

When Jesus was arrested the disciples all fled.
The thought of sharing His fate filled them with dread.
They were not around when for their sins He bled.
But they all saw Him when He rose from the dead.

Because He lives we know we’ve nothing to dread.
Jesus promised that we would rise from the dead.
On the cross of Calvary He died in our stead.
And on Easter Sunday He rose from the dead.

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