Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Creator God, we are here to praise Your glorious name,
For You call all the billions and billions of stars by name.
Redeemer God, we can only bow humbly at your feet,
For You alone all the powers of hell did defeat.

Heavenly Father, we kneel in worship and adoration.
Your power is vastly beyond our imagination.
Your wisdom and knowledge is so infinite and vast.
You see everything that is present, future and past.

You alone are worthy all of our worship and praise.
May we love and honour You all of the rest of our days.
Jesus, we cannot thank You enough for Your sacrifice.
For our sins, it was the only payment that would suffice.

We come as sinful creatures before the Holy One.
Yet we come in the precious name of the beloved Son.
We come boldly before the heavenly throne of grace.
We come as needy children seeking the Father’s face.

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