Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Heavenly Father, I am so weak and twisted and frail.
If my inmost thoughts were exposed I’d be worthy of jail.
You have forgiven me so many times I’ve lost count.
If my sins were piled up it would be an impressive mount.
How many times can I come before your mercy throne?
How many of my sins will the blood of Jesus atone?
I have hurt so many, many people over the years.
I can’t count how many people I’ve driven to tears.
I could say it’s because I was never really loved,
But it’s because I did not trust in my Father above.
And now once more I come before your throne of grace.
And bow before you to confess my own disgrace.
Please ease the pain that I have inflicted on others.
Please grant them a measure of your grace to discover.
Yet I know that it is against you that I have sinned.
So it is your mercy and grace that I hope to win.

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