Monday, March 22, 2010

Palm Sunday

Here is another Palm Sunday poem that I just wrote.


Who is this man who is attracting such a crowd?
“Hosanna,” is the cry that they shouting out loud.
“Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”
Are they asking to bring about a Roman sword?

Some say that he is a prophet from Galilee.
Some are hoping he is the One who’ll set them free.
Is he the One about whom all the prophets spoke?
The One who will help us throw off this Roman yoke?

Who was this man who rode the colt on Palm Sunday?
That is a question that we all must ask today?
Was he merely a prophet or a great teacher?
That is not the testimony of this preacher?

The miracles prove Jesus was more than a man.
He said that he was around before time began.
Blasphemy was the verdict of the Sanhedrin.
This was a crime worthy of death declared these men.

Jesus Christ fed the multitudes and raised the dead.
Many people marveled at the things that he said.
If you check it out, there’s only one conclusion,
This Jesus was none other than God’s only Son.

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