Sunday, March 21, 2010

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is coming soon, so I am posting a couple of Palm Sunday poems.


What was his crazy ride all about?
And what was the meaning of their shout?
“Hosanna” was the cry of the crowd.
Why did they have to be so loud?

Such noise the Romans surely must hear.
Their soldiers are always very near.
They’ll think we are starting a riot.
When it would be foolish to try it.

Surely he knew their praise was empty.
When he made his triumphal entry.
Why did Jesus enter our temple?
That’s an invasion, plain and simple.

Overturning the tables wasn’t funny.
How are we supposed to make money?
What chaos when the temple was filled,
With the blind and the lame whom he healed.

Did he not hear what the children said?
Did he not know the people he led,
Were just common ordinary rabble,
And the festive shouts were plain babble?

We’ve simple got to put an end to this.
This confusion the Romans won’t miss.
We’re better with him out of the way.
For this tumult he will have to pay.


Jerusalem sure is crowded today.
How many thousands it is hard to say.
Pilgrims are here for the Passover Feast.
Wait! look who is that coming on a beast?

I think that it might be the Nazarene.
But you’d think that he didn’t want to be seen.
I heard that there is a price on his head,
That the Scribes and Pharisees want him dead.

So why is he coming with all of this noise,
With all of the shouts of the girls and boys.
Hosanna! Is the loud cry that I hear.
It seems that Jesus has nothing to fear.

Here is a prophet that’s acting like a king.
He’s the One whose praises the people sing.
Can it be true what some people have said?
That he just raised Lazarus from the dead?

Still, I wonder how long their praises will last.
The religious leaders must be aghast.
They probably already have a plan.
Eventually they will get their man.

Yet Jesus somehow seems to be at peace,
When he boldly rides in for the great Feast.
How can he be calm when some want him dead?
Can it be true all the things that he said?

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