Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Grateful Heart

My mom broke her hip while on vacation in Italy. She is now back in Canada. I wrote this poem to express my thanks to God.


Words cannot fully express my thoughts,
For the many blessings God has brought.
Throughout all my life, God has been good,
Even when I haven’t done as I should.

Mother, away in Italy, did slip,
And in one moment, she broke her hip.
We were in Canada far away,
But we knew that here we could all pray.

Today, I thank my Father above,
For His abundant mercy and love.
In our time of stress, He has heard us.
He has inclined His ear toward us.

Mom was in a good hospital in Rome.
Now, she’s in Canada, near her home.
God has brought her back safely to us.
Now, over her, we can make a fuss.

Many people who I’ll never see,
Have treated my Mom carefully.
The operation was a success.
We know that we have surely been blessed.

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