Thursday, January 4, 2024




The war in Ukraine has no end in sight.

Ukraine struggles on against Russia’s might.

Does it matter that they are in the right?

Many lives have been lost in this terrible fight.

Yet all around town I see Christmas lights.


Hamas attacked Israel on that October day.

They raped and murdered women to our dismay.

Now though some hostages have been set free,

The end to that conflict no one can see.

My neighbours have set up their Christmas trees.


How many times can Trump be on trial?

How long keep at his election denials?

To elect a speaker it sure took a while.

And he was part of the election denial.

It is Christmas, why are they so hostile?


Tensions are high between India and us.

Between Trudeau and Smith there is little trust.

There is much talk about our pension plan.

Which news items keep my attention span?

Is all of this conflict part of God’s plan?


Why did the angels talk about peace on earth,

When they came to announce our Savior’s birth?

All around me I see that conflicts abound.

Yet there is a manger scene in my town.

This season is there any real peace to be found?


Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birth,

Yet this year there is little peace on earth.

When all around us we can see discord,

We can have peace if we make him our Lord.

At Calvary’s cross our victory he scored.


Christ our Savior’s birth was only the start,

Of the salvation that he came to impart.

His mission was to bring peace to our hearts.

To proclaim the good news let’s do our part.

To tell others about him is very smart.




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