Monday, September 4, 2023


In God’s Eyes


I know in God’s eyes there’s no blacks and browns.

In God’s eyes there’s no wrong side of the town.

God’s eyes look right through the skin to the heart.

I know that God has loved us from the start.


In God’s eyes it’s not the clothes that we wear.

Does he care about the length of our hair?

With God it’s all about our attitude.

What he wants is a sense of gratitude.


In all the politics that divide us

We all claim that God is there beside us.

Do you think that God leans left or right?

Do you think he wants his people to fight?


Jesus prayed that his disciples would be one,

To show the love between the Father and Son.

Today I would like to pose a query.

What does he think of the Replacement Theory?


Jesus loved the whores and tax collectors.

He says that we should forgive our debtors.

It’s too easy to be like the Pharisees

And look down on those not like you and me.


When God’s eyes look through our skin to our hearts,

Does he see the love Jesus came to impart?

Or does he see a lot of hate and strife

Among those for whom Jesus gave his life?







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