Tuesday, December 11, 2018


For this Christmas season, let me give you a special treat.
I will tell you a story about when two miracles meet.
Zechariah and Elizabeth were both very old.
Yet their love for their Heavenly Father had not grown cold.
Zechariah was busy in the temple burning incense,
When an angel came with a story that did not make sense.
How could he and Elizabeth have a son in their old age?
That this would be impossible anyone would surely gage.

That same angel Gabriel came to a very young woman.
The angel’s greeting to Mary would startle any woman.
She was nothing special, so how could she be highly favored?
Yet the Gabriel’s promise to her was one that she would savor.
She was chosen by God to bear a miraculous Child.
For some reason, she was the one on whom God had smiled.
His promise was that a virgin was going to give birth.
Isn’t that one of the greatest miracles on earth?

Mary asks the angel how she could possibly have a son.
So he tells that the God’s blessings have only begun.
Her relative, Elizabeth, would also have a son.
And Mary’s son, Jesus, would reign over everyone.
So Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hills.
There she was warmly greeted by someone who shared her thrill.
Elizabeth exclaimed that Mary was especially blessed.
That she would bear the Messiah, who would have guessed?

The baby that Elizabeth bears in her womb leaps for joy.
Even he knows that Mary’s child is no ordinary boy.
Even though neither of the women has yet given birth,
Both of them know that their sons are destined to have great worth.
In their excitement, both women burst into song.
For the fulfillment of God’s promises they have waited long.
Who would refuse to sing boldly when two miracles meet?
This is a blessed time that God would never ever repeat.

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