Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The inexplicable has happened in Canada.
Six men were killed while worshiping Allah.
That a man would do this is hard to believe.
Surely God in Heaven must be sorely grieved.

We feel that in this great country we are safe.
This horrible news makes our hearts and minds chafe.
When will this senseless violence come to an end?
When again to this world will God His Son send?

This world we live in is in such a mess.
We often hear of news that causes great distress.
Senseless cruelty and death causes us to moan.
Until Christ comes again creation must groan.

The angels sang God’s praises at Jesus’ birth.
They announced that he came to bring peace on earth.
Yet we see that this world is hardly at peace.
The atrocities never seem to cease.

In this period of trial and tension,
We eagerly await our redemption.
We know that our Father is on His throne,

But we know that for now all creation groans.

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