Friday, August 26, 2016


God is with us, celebrate!
We’ve all been touched by his grace.
Let us worship. God is great.
Lift up your hearts. Sing his praise.
Where can we find true peace of mind?
Here in the presence of God,
When can we leave problems behind?
When we come to worship God.

We have all sinned. We’re all flawed.
We come into God’s presence,
Because we are the sons of God.
We have escaped his judgments.
Our sins have all been forgiven.
We are all cleansed by His blood.
Redeem and bound for Heaven.
His grace has washed us like a flood.

Mighty God of all creation,
Ruler of the universe.
You reign over ev’ry nation.
Head of a people diverse,
We are gathered to worship You.
Accept our worship and praise.
May our love for You be renewed,
As to You our voice we raise.

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