Saturday, December 6, 2014

What Difference Does Christmas Make?

Why celebrate on a cold day in December?
What makes the twenty-fifth a day to remember?
Is it about watching your kids opening their gifts?
Then, what do we do about the kids that are missed?

Why do we decorate our houses and send cards?
And some even set up displays in their front yards?
We do lots of things to make our children smile.
Is that what makes the Christmas season worthwhile?

No, Christmas is a time when we celebrate a birth.
That is what gives this winter day its real worth.
We do not know the exact day that Jesus came.
But we know that he did not seek worldly fame.

To many it sounds like the greatest of insanities.
That the Creator of the world took on humanity.
People all over the world sing songs of great joy,
Because the all-powerful One came as a baby boy.

Jesus left his heavenly throne for a manger.
Yet his own people received him as a stranger.
An angel choir sang to announce his arrival,
But a wicked king saw him only as a rival.

It was with joy they heard that host of angels sing,
Humble shepherds ran to see the coming King.
His birth prompted magi to journey from afar,
They came to worship Him when they saw his star.

When the King of kings was born in Bethlehem town,
You would think His coming would receive some renown,
But almost everyone failed to notice this great event.
It took faith to see that this Babe was heaven sent.

It is because Jesus came to bring salvation,
That we now have this wonderful celebration.
But we know that it would be a terrible loss,
If we focused on the manger and forgot the Cross.

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