Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Poem 2014

I am a sinner, by birth and by practice.
I am the Judas that gave Jesus the kiss.
I am the Peter that denied him three times.
I should be on the cross to pay for my crimes.

It was for me that Jesus sweat drops of blood.
It was for me that His tears came like a flood.
It was for me Jesus was unjustly tried.
Jesus took on himself my sin and my pride.

It was for me that He was so badly treated,
And on the cross Satan Jesus defeated.
At Calvary the sinless One died for my sins.
There over sin, the victory He did win.

From the tomb on the third day Jesus did rise.
My Savior conquered sin and death and claimed His prize.
Jesus came to give the oppressed liberty.
It was people like us He came to set free.

Jesus left heaven for a manger and a cross.
For our sins our Savior willingly paid the cost.
Yet Satan and death could not hold Jesus down.
The King of kings rose from the grave to claim His crown.

Now let us celebrate all that Jesus has done.
Let us rejoice in the victory that He won.
Let all of us who claim Jesus as our King,
Join together our Savior’s praises to sing.

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