Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Poem


I thought that he was the Chosen One;
That he was God’s one and only Son.
Yet when I said this, I wondered why,
He said that he must suffer and die.

When I saw his face shine like the sun,
There is much that I would have done,
When God said that he was pleased with him
And he told us to listen to him.

I did not want him to wash my feet,
But he had a mission to complete.
It threw us all a prettry big curve,
To hear our Master had come to serve.

I thought that I’d follow all the way.
Yet when he asked me to watch and pray,
My sorrow, grief and pain were so deep,
Though I tried so hard, I fell asleep.

Then they came with Judas in the lead,
I struck with my sword and watched one bleed.
Why did Jesus reach out his hand to heal,
One that I had tried so hard to kill?

How could I deny him not once but thrice?
How could I fail in his hour of strife?
They laughed at his claim to be their king.
The One who came salvation to bring.

Why did my friend and master have to die?
Why did he utter that oprhaned cry?
Why did God, his Faher forsake him,
When everything around went dim?

The women came with some strange story,
How they’d seen men shining in glory.
They must think that we are pretty dense,
To believe such obvious nonsense.

I ran to the tomb to check it out;
To see what this tale was all about.
It was empty just as they had said.
Thoughts were now spinning inside my head.

Then I saw my Saviour face to face,
The One who had died in such disgrace.
Now my life has been totally changed,
All my beliefs have been rearranged.

Death’s been swallowed up in victory,
By the one who died on Calvary’s tree.
For all my sins the price has been paid,
All my guilt was on my Saviour laid.

Now in this world of much pain and strife,
We know we can have eternal life.
If we just commit our lives to him,
He will fill them to the very brim.

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