Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Poem

Thanksgiving Service 2006

How can I thank the One to whom I owe my life?
How can I ever repay You for all of your strife?
I would like to sing praises to my Saviour King,
But when I open my mouth all the wrong notes ring.

Why would the Lord of universe choose a manger?
Why would the world’s creator live as a stranger?
I guess I’ll never really understand your love,
‘Til I’m finally face to face with you above.

I don’t know why I am blessed with abundance,
It cannot be the result of just happenstance.
Yet you know that I don’t deserve even half of it.
My only payment is the life I now recommit.

Jesus, we have gathered in this place in Your Name.
It is because of Your goodness that we all came.
We are here because we want to worship the One,
Who died so that each of us could become a son.

Some of us are blessed with beautiful voices to sing.
While others wonder what we can bring to our King.
I know that it is not enough to find words that rhyme,
But that’s the only way I can thank you this time

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